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Zach Shallcross & Kaity Biggar’s Greenhouse Engagement Photos

July 21, 2023

Hanging with the most recent Bachelor couple, Zach & Kaity, at Sekrit Theater in Austin for their greenhouse engagement photos was a blast!


A full guide to how to elope in Dolomites, complete with the best Dolomites elopement locations, where to stay in the Dolomites, & more!

How to Elope in the Dolomites | Ultimate Guide

November 11, 2022


How To Have An Environmentally Friendly Elopement

January 6, 2021

OKAY GUYS, REAL TALK TIME. Your elopement or wedding is meant to be the best day of your life, but it can also be one of the most wasteful! Packaging tossed in the bin, leftover decorations dumped, excess food thrown away, ALL OF YOUR AMAZON BOXES (well let’s be honest, probably sitting around your house […]


My absolute favorite makeup artist in the Seattle area is Elizabeth White. I have been recommending this girl for a WHILE now and so when me and my girl Lindsey Clawson decided to start highlighting wedding vendors on our blogs, I was PSYCHED that Elizabeth was nominated! She was an obvious first choice. Her artistry, […]

Vendor Highlight: Elizabeth White

September 14, 2020


How to Elope in Bali

April 27, 2020

You need to elope in Bali. You NEED to! I have never been to a place that has been more magical, beautiful or (I know I’m basic but) AFFORDABLE. Like, I stayed in some super nice villas for TWENTY DOLLARS A NIGHT! Floating breakfasts! Personal drivers! Pools annnnnnd air conditioning! This island though small has […]


Hey couples still trying to get married during corona!! ( this is where you say “heyyyyy”) I KNOW that this sucks. I know and I am SO sorry. No one should have to deal with this, and I have mourned wedding plans with so many 2020 couples already. While many have postponed their elopements already […]

Stay Safe During Your Corona Virus Elopement

April 25, 2020


How to Elope During Corona Virus

April 15, 2020

Has your wedding been postponed because of Corona virus? Or maybe you just got engaged and don’t want to wait until 2021 to get married! I’m an elopement photographer and I’d like to share some of my elopement planning tips for your covid brides! Has your wedding had to be postponed due to Corona Virus? […]


Ohmygawshhhhh you guys decided to elope! That’s amazing! I loooooove empowering couples to get married in the way that is a true reflection of them and I am so happy that you guys are saying “no” to a big event or production and instead are focusing on the marriage that is starting! I am an […]

How to Plan Your Elopement

April 6, 2020


What Does it Mean to Elope?

January 27, 2020

I want to to think about the definition of the word “elopement”. WHAT does it mean to you? Do you see two people running down to the courthouse spontaneously? Or a couple sneaking to vegas to get married in secret because their families don’t support their relationship? Everyone has a different definition of an elopement […]


So you’re planning your wedding, and it sounds great, but you see all of these amazing elopements online and think about how amazing that looks. You want the party, the big wedding, BUT you also love the idea of having an intimate ceremony with just you and your husband. Is it possible to do….BOTH? It […]

Want To Elope AND Have a Wedding? Its possible!

January 7, 2020


How to include your dog in your elopement!

October 2, 2019

So you want to elope right? You’re marrying your best friend, what could be missing? WHAT ABOUT YOUR BEST FUR FRIEND?! But can you bring your dog to your elopement? UH YES. Yes you can! There are so many things that you can do to make your elopement dog friendly and include your special furball […]


How To Adventurously Elope With Your Family When ya think about an adventurous elopement, what do you imagine? Climbing up a mountain? Exploring a waterfall? Hiking through a meadow? Love it. This adventure is perfect for you guys. Its the exact reflection of your relationship, and its exactly what you want to be doing on […]

How To Elope….With Your Family

April 30, 2019


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