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Vendor Highlight: Elizabeth White

My absolute favorite makeup artist in the Seattle area is Elizabeth White. I have been recommending this girl for a WHILE now and so when me and my girl Lindsey Clawson decided to start highlighting wedding vendors on our blogs, I was PSYCHED that Elizabeth was nominated! She was an obvious first choice. Her artistry, her attitude, and the amazing looks that she creates are unmatched! She really know how to enhance natural beauty without making you look like a different person! Me and Lindsey got together with Elizabeth and Emma cortes from Emmasedition to create some magic and showcase this amazing artist’s talent!

(pics by Lindsey Clawson, video by me!)



From Elizabeth: Hey girl hey! My name is Elizabeth White and I have been in this busy beauty biz for quite some time now, we’re talking 14 years. I have only been doing my own business with a team of ladies for the past 3 years and it was the best decision I made to be in charge of my own career. 


A goal I am working towards is to keep that work life balance and maintain it. With weddings being on the weekends and having a family it is a juggling act to make sure you work but, your family gets your time. Thankfully with this Covid-19 pandemic I was able to catch up on that much needed family time since the 2020 wedding season has really slipped away. I have to say not being slammed with weddings every weekend it reminds you that it is ok to slow down and enjoy time not working. I am a workaholic so it was a real adjustment not being able to work ALL the time, it takes a toll after while giving yourself away that much. Having the time to refuel reconnect and refocus really was the hidden blessing in the chaos.



The real thing that has had the biggest impact on my business has curating a group of ladies that I trust and work with passion. I have a group of artists that are all in different stages in their life but have a similar passion to make you feel your best and they enjoy the time with who they work with. There are a lot of great artists out there and some have incredible talent but, the talent to connect with your client is a tricky one to get just right. With helping a client feel their best for any situation it is about giving that person the confidence on the outside that they feel on the inside, encouraging their features to stand out with makeup can enhance the way they smile or present themselves. Women in general are super hard on themselves and I want my client to feel they are in a safe space to voice their opinion on how a look makes them feel or to say less is more or give me all the glam. Finding a blend of ladies that listen to ensure their client is heard is really important so that client feels they can strut their stuff or feel their best knowing the whole event started out on the right foot. Working with great ladies that are like minded and super talented give you positive vibes and that gives the creative freedom to create beauty.


I got started in my profession by being obsessed with making others see their beauty. I remember when I was in high school , college, beauty school… everyone wanted me to do their hair or makeup. I really enjoyed being the go to girl and feeling like I had something to offer whether it was boosting their confidence with positive compliments with a touch up or making them feel better when they could vent while getting their hair styled. Then being able to use hair and makeup as a creative outlet and make others feel amazing I knew that I was in the right work. I worked in a salon for awhile got burnt out, then tried makeup full time at Nordstrom and got sucked in. I worked with Chanel for 7 years of my 11 year retail career and was always doing weddings on the side for fun. Once I started going on site to do beauty and working with awesome wedding planners that’s when I really got hooked to the wedding business. 



The thing that brings me the most joy in this business is to see others enjoying a big milestone of the next chapter in life. The warm buzz of energy you feel when you are in a room full of ladies that are anticipating a wedding is a good one. The smiles that are beaming all over, the sound of laughter of other celebrating and even the tears that come with a moment that is so special….it gets me every time. Even sweet intimate elopements are so emotional because the romance between just two people can be really moving. The bridal beauty biz isn’t for everyone but, I love it!



Finding a favorite was a difficult one because I really enjoy aspect of all my work because of the journey to achieve it. However, the one that I always come back too is a bridal shoot I recently did that I didn’t do the typical bridal look. I went for a soft washes of color that felt fresh and youthful. I also loved the intricate work I did on the updo because it felt really me. I attached a pic or two (photo credit to @nicoleconnor

Best advice I have been given has been really about being a good human…treat others like you would like to be treated. I feel like it applies to all aspects of life and even working with people every day.



What’s next for my business is to expand, I am hoping to grow with this new normal and be able to do what I am passionate about with more people. I don’t know what that looks like as of now as everything is a little uncertain. I see in the distance a possible studio or salon and working with more amazing talented women.

You can follow me and all my beauty adventure on my Instagram (@elizabethwhiteartistry), Facebook (elizabeth white artistry and hair styling), or my website at

Check out the whole night here in this video I made!

If you know a talented wedding vendor who is a person of color, please nominate them for the next vendor spotlight by emailing me at!

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