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How to Elope During Corona Virus

Has your wedding been postponed because of Corona virus? Or maybe you just got engaged and don’t want to wait until 2021 to get married! I’m an elopement photographer and I’d like to share some of my elopement planning tips for your covid brides!

How to elope during covid 19

How to elope during covid 19

Has your wedding had to be postponed due to Corona Virus? I. AM. SO. FREAKING. SORYY. That’s literally the worst and I’m sorry that so much planning and anticipation has such a frustrating conclusion! That said, I hope that I can help and I’m glad that you’re here! I’ve planned and shot many elopements and hope to be a huge resource for you when planning your elopement! Even if you haven’t ever thought of eloping, I’m here to help you with everything that you need to know about getting married during the pandemic! Even though eloping used to be a way to get married in secret because parents didn’t approve, the definition has totally changed since then and now couples are choosing to elope to experience their wedding in an intimate, adventurous way! Eloping doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have any guests or don’t tell anyone, and there’s no rulebook on how you can elope, you’re free to plan your dream day!

Due to the Corona virus, its probably the safest to postpone your plans for several month, and then its best to have a low guest count or no guests at all. The risk of contacting the virus increases in larger groups, so choosing an elopement brings those chances down SIGNIFICANTLY.

Due to the effects of coronavirus, I recommend all to adhere to CDC regulations and guidelines put in place by local and national governments.

how to elope during covid 19

how to elope during corona virus

Where Are We Going To Do It?

So you have to choose a location! There’s so many gorgeous places that you can choose, but usually your photographer can recommend a lot of specific places that fit your vision so I advice to hire an elopement photographer FIRST! I always listen to what my clients are picturing and then recommend a few places that fit that vision, depending on if they want a hike, a walk or a drive up location! Here are a few gorgeous places in Washington that I love suggesting to clients!

how to elope during covid 19

how to elope during covid 19

Even though elopements often involve fewer details than wedding, they can still be a lot to plan if you don’t know what you’re doing! If you are feeling overwhelmed, I would definitely suggest leaning on your vendors and not trying to do everything yourself! I can suggest places we can go, places you can stay at, and some of my favorite vendors that you should hire! I always try to get to know my couples on a deeper level so I can be the most hep I can be in the planning process! When planning your elopement, you need to make a few decision! Do you want to get ready by yourself or do you want to hire a hair and makeup artist? Do you want to make your own bouquet or hire a florist? Do you want your ceremony to be just you and your partner or do you want an officient? I am ordained so I shoot lots of elopements that are just me and the couple and I sign the license to make the marriage legal! If you want someone to lead the ceremony though, I recommend hiring an officiant or getting one of your close friends ordained!

If you’re getting married in Washington, here are a few of my favorite elopement vendors!

  • Cake: Sift & Gather (also if you ever just want a good cinnamon bun, hers are the BEST!)

  • Florals: Fire and Blooms (freaking beautiful stunning creations that will blow your mind)

  • Hair & Makeup: Anne Timss and Elizabeth White Artistry (goddesses with curling irons and makeup brushes)

  • Officiant: Rooted & Wild (she’ll get you married!)

  • Videographer: ElevenEleven Films (Oh wait, that’s me lol! I do that also!)

how to elope during covid 19

how to get eloped during corona virus

How can our guests be involved?

If you’re still wanting your closest people to be involved in your big day, there’s a few ways that you can include them!

  • Have them write letters for you guys or red during your ceremony or after

  • Livestream your ceremony (if we’re in a place where the signal is good, you can totally do this!)

  • Have your family members record short videos of them for you to listen to on your wedding day

  • Record video messages to send to family members later

And you can always involved people in a fun celebration/reception later on when the pandemic restrictions are gone! Heck, you can even renew your vows at the celebration if you really wanted specific people to be involved or witness your ceremony.

(If you do have guests at your elopement, I would probably discourage any handshaking or hugs and try to social distance during the day to be the safest!)

how to plan your elopement during covid 19

how to elope during a pandemic

OMG What Do We Bring?

Okay, you’ve got your location, your vendors, your dress (you remembered that right?!), YOU ARE READY!! But what else do you bring? Here’s a helpful packing list for your adventurous elopement

  • All things clothing! Not just the dress and the suit, you gotta think about layers, gloves, maybe a scarf, socks, HIKING BOOTS, maybe some skin colored leggings if you’re eloping somewhere pretty chilly!

  • First aid kit. Because you don’t need your special day ruined by an annoying cut or headache! (Also don’t forget sunscreen and hand sanitizer!)

  • Marriage license (DUH!), an officient (lots of times, thats me!) and two witnesses!

  • Touchup makeup and hair kit. Because sometimes a hike isn’t too nice on your wedding hair and makeup!

  • Snacks. No one wants to be hangry on their wedding day!

  • Your vows (another DUH haha!)

  • Permit. Most places in the PNW require a special event permit for wherever you want to elope!

  • Drinkssssss. How will you celebrate your marriage??! Do you want to crack open a beer and watch the sun set with your spouse? Or do you want to pop some champagne and enjoy some bubbly? Whatever your speed, don’t forget to brink something special to celebrate with. And also water. lots of water.

how to elope during the pandemic

how to get eloped during the pandemic

You’re Good To Go!

So there you have it! Now you know how to elope! I’m sure you probably still have questions about all of the logistics of it and I am DYING to help you! Hit me up with any questions that you have and I’d be happy to help! I know this is a stressful time so anything that I can do to be of help, I am willing! Also if you think we would click, I’d love to be along to capture your special day! Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to shoot me a message!

how to elope during the corona virus

how to elope during corona virus

how to get married during corona virus

how to elope during covid 19

how to elope during corona virus

how to elope during corona virus

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