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Stay Safe During Your Corona Virus Elopement

Stay safe during your corona elopement

Hey couples still trying to get married during corona!! ( this is where you say “heyyyyy”) I KNOW that this sucks. I know and I am SO sorry. No one should have to deal with this, and I have mourned wedding plans with so many 2020 couples already. While many have postponed their elopements already (obviously the safest option) others are still planning on going through with it and I want to give you some tips on how you can be as safe as possible during your Covid 19 elopement!


how to elope safely during corona virus


how to elope safely during corona virus

how to elope safely during covid 19

Okay, the safest thing to do is obviously postpone your elopement to a later date

I KNOW that that sucks, and you CAN take measures to make sure that your elopement is as safe as possible, but I just want to tell you the safest thing you can do. I will transfer any payments made towards a date to ANY available date in the next year so you are perfectly free to transfer your date with no consequence. Haha now that I’ve covered my butt, NEXT!

Avoid Having Guests

Sometimes, its your dream to elope alone with just your partner, but sometimes couples want a few guests in attendance to add support. Consider doing a live stream to let guests still “attend” your elopement and let them still witness your ceremony! Zoom, facetime, google hangout, facebook live, skype, ya got a lot of options here, just make sure to test out the service in the area that you want to elope at beforehand to make sure that its strong enough! The risk of contracting the virus obviously increases in large gatherings, so choosing to elope alone with just your partner reduces this risk significantly!

Celebrate with your guests at a later date when bans are lifted! You can even have a vow renewal at that time as well if you want!

How to elope safely during the corona virus

how to elope safely during covid 19

Wash Yo Hands

On your elopement, (and all the time, duh!) practice safe hygiene and wash your hands frequently and carry hand sanitizer with you when you’re not near a sink! Maybe even get some cute bride and groom themed hand sanitizer bottle? That could feel …festive? Haha or skip that! (But definitely don’t skip the sanitizer!) Avoid touching your face on your elopement day, and if you do have guests or vendors with you, skip the hugs and handshakes! I knowwwwwwwww that this is a time of celebration and TRUST ME I WANT to hug you, but we should practice social distancing as much as possible during your elopement to make sure that everyone is staying safe!

how to elope safely during covid 19

how to be safe during your elopement!

Stay Up To Date on the Current Status Of Your Elopement Location

If you are traveling to a place to elope, keep tabs on the status of the location and the current bans and protection laws in place. Travel restrictions and quarantines are CURRENTLY everywhere, so definitely keep updated on what is happening in the area that you’re traveling to! Or even consider driving to your location if that is an option!

Annnnnnnnd to add onto this last one:

Keep Updated With The CDC Recommendations and FOLLOW THEM

Definitely make sure that you are educated on the cdc guidelines and doing everything you can to follow them. Inform any of your guests of the recommendations as well, and continues checking for updates!

Stay safe during your elopement!

stay safe during your covid 19 elopement

Ways That I Am Staying Safe and Supporting My Couples During Covid 19

Social distancing- I CURRENTLY haven’t left my house since March 13th (except for groceries!) and I’m planning on continuing to social distance as much as I can to protect my couples. I’ll continue working from home and avoiding large gatherings to keep y’all safe!

Bringing Hand Sanitizer To Every Elopement – Haha even if you forget yours, I got you boo!

Having a backup photographer in place just in case I start showing any symptoms – I definitely want to make sure that you guys are protected so if I start showing ANY symptoms, I will have a backup photographer take my place so that your plans can continue safely!

Letting my couples postpone their date to ANY available date – If you don’t feel comfy OR if there are travel bans in place, we can definitely postpone your elopement to any day that I am free! I know that some vendors are only letting couples transfer to a non peak date or charging change fees, but I want to support your guys as MUCH as I possibly can and make this time as stress-free as possible for you!

Suggesting alternate location suggestions – I know that some national parks are continuing to stay closed so if your first pick location is still shut, I can suggest tons of locations that ARE accessible for you to change to!

Officiating elopements – If you want to cut down on the number of vendors that you have at your elopement, I am ordained and would be happy to sign your license and make it all legal!

KK, so there you go! I hope that this helps! And if YOU are considering eloping and think that we would click, HIT ME UP! Just fill out the form at the bottom of this page to start chatting!

how to elope safely during covid 19

safely elope during corona

how to elope safely during corona virus

how to safely elope during corona virus

how to elope safely during covid 19

how to elope safely during corona virus

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