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Romantic Oregon Coast Elopement | Elopement Dress Inspiration

Although they may not have gotten to follow through with their original wedding plans (thankssss COVID). You better believe Birdie + Maxwell made the damn best out of it & celebrated in a way that felt even truer to them. Ready to catch your jaw as it drops to the floor over these gorgeous Oregon Coast elopement photos?? 😉 

oregon coast elopement

Birdie + Maxwell’s Romantic Oregon Coast Elopement

The backstory

So like I mentioned earlier, this elopement wasn’t a part of their original plan. Birdie and Maxwell have been together for 7 years and met at a festival – because they both absolute loooove festivals. 

Maxwell proposed in Bali near the end of 2018, and when they started wedding planning of course they had to plan a festival wedding!! Unfortunatelyyyy that festival wedding was planned for 2020, with all of their closest friends & family invited. Obviously, they had to cancel it due to the batshit craziness of that entire year.

oregon coast elopement

But instead of replanning, they opted not to plan another wedding and instead simply stay as they were. Birdie said that “no official documentation with a couple of sloppy signatures will ever be the proof of what their relationship is about” – I meannn, preach!

Even though they’re not getting married as of now, they still wanted to take the opportunity to capture their love in a beautiful place. Which leads us to their Oregon Coast elopement photos you’ve been drooling over so far throughout this blog post!!

If you’re feeling like you’d rather elope in private like these two did, but are worried about hurting your fam’s feelings, be sure to read my blog post about Why Eloping Isn’t Selfish!

samuel h boardman scenic corridor

Wedding portraits at Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor

For Birdie and Maxwell’s elopement photos we headed to one of the most epic spots along the Oregon Coast. The Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor (what a damn mouthful) in Brookings, OR. We had the absolute most BOMB time exploring the sea stacks, rock formations, and little hidden spots above the ocean. All with such amazing views of the coastline in the background!!

For more EPIC locations in Oregon for your elopement, head to my guide to the 13 Best Places to Elope in Oregon: Waterfalls, Beaches, & More!

oregon coast elopement

Birdie’s insane dress from Salt Gowns

In case you were wondering (which you probably were because let’s be honest, this dress is insane), Birdie got her dress from a Utah-based company called Salt Gowns who rents dresses out for photoshoots. The dress was freaking PERFECT for this shoot and totally gave off the carefree, romantic vibe that she & Maxwell were going for!! The way the dress twirled and moved and looked while exploring the coastline was unreal.

elopement dress

Renting a dress is SUCH a smart way to get an amazing dress for a great price if you’re doing a photoshoot, or even if you’re eloping and don’t really care about keeping your dress forever!! You’ll save a ton of money and keep it sustainable by re-using pieces that are already out there 🙂

Looking for more tips for choosing a killer outfit? Check out my Guide to Picking Your Perfect Elopement Outfits!!

oregon coast elopement

About Samuel H. Boardman in Brookings, OR

Samuel H. Boardman is seriously one of the most epic places on the entire coastline of Oregon, located on the suuuper south end of the coast about 315 miles from Portland & 300 miles from Cannon Beach. So it’s def a bit of a trek from the major cities in the PNW but is sooo worth it. Not only do you get views of the gorgeous Oregon coastline, you also get to explore super unique sea stacks, caves, natural bridges, rocks, paths, and tide pools. There are a total of 18 miles you could hike here, but don’t worry – you only have to hike a 0.7 miles to get to the popular Natural Bridges Viewpoint!

elopement dress

Need more Pacific Northwest elopement inspiration?

If you’re just as in love with the Pacific Northwest’s scenery as I am, there’s sooo much more where that came from – take a look below at a few more of my recent Pacific Northwest elopements at stunning locations!!

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Mountain Top Elopement at the Mt. Pilchuck Fire Lookout

  1. Sam says:

    Stunning images! They truly knew that eloping was meant for them.

  2. Wow this Oregon elopement is so beautiful! I’m obsessed with her dress!!

  3. Christine says:

    OK JUST WOW! That dress is amazing!

  4. HER DRESS. This location. THE BACKSTORY.

  5. Emma says:

    These are INCREDIBLE!!! It’s a major bucket list item for me to shoot in this location. You crushed it!!

  6. Naomi Levit says:

    wow her dress is soooo beautiful! such a romantic elopement on the oregon coast!

  7. Dakotah says:

    This Oregon Coast elopement is perfect . . . such a beautiful location!!! Congrats to Birdie and Maxwell!

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