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Intimate Washington Mountain Elopement | Jared + Cameron

They made me climb a mountain, they made me cry with their sweet views, and they also made me the best banana bread I’ve ever had in my life. Jared + Cameron’s North Cascades mountain elopement is one I promise you’re gonna be obsessed with, just like I am.

mountain elopement

Jared + Cameron’s Sweet Love Story

Before I share all the cute wedding photos, we’ve gotta rewind a little wayyy back to the beginning. I always like to ask my couples to tell me how they met & got engaged in their words, so that I do their story justice when I share it.

Here’s how they met – & spoiler alert: it’s a dating app success story, which don’t we always love?? 

“Jared and I met online on OK Cupid. I actually didn’t expect anything from hanging out with him and went to meet him in my pajamas. Little did I know he would steal my heart. Our first date we watched VEEP and ordered pizza. He used a coupon and paid for my food which wooed me – regardless that it was Papa John’s pizza.”

mountain elopement

Fast forward way into the future when it came time to make their future together official:

“Jared had our closest friends (the friends that would actually be coming to the elopement) come to “take couples pictures.” Our best friend is actually a photographer and she stated that she would take everyone’s pictures. Jared and I had not gotten professional pictures made before, so I thought it would be fun. I was completely oblivious and surprised. We went first and Jared got on one knee. I was very surprised and it was very sweet. Everything else was just a ruse, we ended up just taking our pictures, and it was very nice to have all our loved ones there. My best friends, who are going to be my best women, actually took me to get manicures beforehand and I STILL had no idea. It’s been the happiest moment of my life.”

Cue the tears, and I haven’t even started TELLING you about their wedding day yet.

mountain elopement

Their North Cascades Mountain Wedding

They came all the way from Kentucky for their North Cascades elopement, ready to celebrate with their parents and close friends along for the ride. To start the day off, Cameron got ready in the little lookout up on the mountain & Jared got ready in the woods nearby. The sun came out for the first time that day during their first look which we were all thankful for! I love me a good cloudy PNW day but you can’t complain when a little sunshine makes an appearance. 

mountain elopement

We had hiked four miles to get to the spot where they had their first look and said their vows, so you bet it was a chilly experience but man how beautiful are those views?? There were some backpackers up at the spot when we got up there but they gladly let us use the area for Jared & Cameron’s ceremony! Everyone cried during it, especially Cameron, and we even got just a fewww seconds of sun while they exchanged vows at an elevation of 6,521 feet! A pretty epic spot to tie the knot, I’d say. 

mountain elopement

Custom Indochino Suits

In case you couldn’t already see how fire both Jared & Cameron looked, I wanted to point out their bomb outfits. Both of ‘em got suits custom made from Indochino, one of my fave suit companies for my couples. Cameron picked a killerrrr velvet green jacket to go with his dark bowtie & pants, and Jared went with a rust-red-orange shade that paired PERFECTLY with Cameron. You can never go wrong with good ol’ Christmas colors!! Especiallyyyy when your suit have the coolest, most unique details on the inside too – check out the custom designs they got inside their jackets!

Flowers & Cake from COSTCO

This is a great time for me to reiterate that elopements can be as simple or as elegant as you want them to be – there’s no rules whatsoever. So if you wanna get your flowers and cake from Costco just like these two did, and put more of your budget toward gorgeous custom suits, then do the damn thing. I meannn does Costco NOT have the best cake for a cheap ass price that you can’t beat?!

mountain elopement

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