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13 Best Places to Elope in Oregon: Waterfalls, Beaches, & More

I’ll never get over living in the PNW, truly. Oregon and Washington have so many insanely incredible locations for any couple looking to elope. Whether you want to elope in the mountains, on the beach, in the forest, at a waterfall, you name it! Because there are sooo many amazing options, it can be hard to narrow it down when choosing your elopement locations! So here are 13 of the best places to elope in Oregon – no matter what type of scenery you’re looking for. Happy exploring!!

places to elope in oregon

Table of Contents:

places to elope in oregon

Oregon Beach Elopement Locations

Cannon Beach

How far is Cannon Beach from Portland?

Cannon Beach is 80 miles west of Portland, usually around a 1.5-hour drive.

About the landscape

Cannon Beach is one of the most popular spots to visit along the Oregon Coast. It’s famous for its iconic Haystack Rock (that you’ve probs seen on a postcard from Oregon at some point) and adorable coastal town. The town is super fun to walk around & explore! You can walk right down to the beach, or hike up into Ecola State Park if you wanna be in the trees + get some amazing views of the coastline!

What to know about eloping at Cannon Beach

  1. To legally get married on the beach, you might need to get a Special Use Permit. This depends on your party size! Reach out to the Ocean Shores office via email here & ask if you’ll need a permit based on your elopement date, location, & size!
  2. Cannon Beach gets SUPER crowded during the warmest summer months (typically July & August). Keep that in mind if you want to hold your elopement right at Haystack Rock or another popular tourist spot. There’s a good chance there will be a ton of tourists walking along the beach and in the background of your ceremony. Definitely consider not having your elopement during the busy tourist season, or at least have it at sunrise and/or on a weekday to avoid crowds as much as possible!
  3. The town of Cannon Beach is adorable and really fun to explore, but if you want some more shops & options of places to stay, drive to Seaside nearby!

Hug Point

How far is Hug Point from Portland?

Hug Point is right near Cannon Beach (just a 7 minute drive south), about 83 miles from Portland.

About the landscape

Hug Point State Recreation Site is right down the coast from Cannon Beach. It’s super easy to pop over to both beach spots on your elopement day. I looove Hug Point because of its diverse scenery. It has a really pretty waterfall that flows down to the beach, rocky areas to climb, super cool caves, forests & greenery, tide pools, and gorgeous scenic viewpoints. Truly the best of everything Oregon has to offer all in one spot!!

What to know about eloping at Hug Point

  1. Hug Point is great because it’s very easily accessible; it’s easy to walk around the beach and into the forest without having to hike or anything. Just make sure you and your guests are prepared & able to walk down the stairs & large rocky area to get to the sand!
  2. Watch how high the tide is before you go, because the area of the beach with the waterfall & caves can be hard to get to if the tide is too high & blocks off the walking area. You can access Hug Point tide information here!

Natural Bridges

How far are the Natural Bridges from Portland?

The Natural Bridges are on the very southern border of Oregon in Brookings, 318 miles from Portland & just under a 6-hour drive. It’s definitely the furthest location from major cities but so worth the drive!

places to elope in oregon

About the landscape

The Natural Bridges Viewpoint is one of the most stunningggg, unique spots on the entire Oregon Coast, in my opinion, and sits along the Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor. It’s an easy 0.7-mile round trip trail near Brookings that takes you to epic views of the blue coastline. These views are filled with cool sea stacks, caves, trees, & of course the two natural bridges created by rock formations! The layers of sea stacks & rocks in the background make for such a unique scene & look seriously unreal as the backdrop of an elopement.

places to elope in oregon

What to know about eloping at Natural Bridges

  1. Dogs are welcome on the trail as long as they’re leashed!
  2. This trail is kid-friendly, so you’re welcome to bring along the younger guests for this “hike” too.  
  3. To get to the Natural Bridges, you’ll park at the Natural Bridges trailhead lot. You can read this helpful article for exactly how to get to the scenic viewpoint, or just ask me & I’ll take ya there! 😉
places to elope in oregon

Oregon Waterfall Elopement Locations

Toketee Falls

How far is Toketee Falls from Portland?

Toketee Falls is located 230 miles south of Portland, about a 4-hour drive.

places to elope in oregon

About the landscape

Toketee Falls is part of Umpqua National Forest, which I think is a totally underrated part of Oregon. It’s a gorgeous waterfall at the end of an easy 0.9-mile round trip trail near Idleyld Park that flows over the coolest-looking basalt cliffs and is framed by lush trees & vibrant green moss. I love love shooting here because there are a few rocks at the front of the pool the falls flows into, which are perfect for couples to stand on & get that epic waterfall backdrop!!

places to elope in oregon

What to know about eloping at Toketee Falls

  1. The Toketee Falls Trail is dog-friendly and there are actually some off-leash areas for them to roam around!
  2. This trail is kid-friendly and the round trip takes less than 30 minutes to complete, so you can bring little ones or beginner hikers along to your ceremony with no problem. 
  3. It’s a popular trail, so you’ll likely run into other hikers and people out exploring! Avoid the warmest parts of the day especially in the summer, if you want to try and avoid crowds as much as possible.
places to elope in oregon

Abiqua Falls

best places in oregon to elope

How far is Abiqua Falls from Portland?

Abiqua Falls is closer to Portland, just 1.5 hours & 53 miles away.

About the landscape

Abiqua Falls is another gorgeous waterfall that flows over basalt rocks & is surrounded by moss and vibrant greenery, located in the Santiam State Forest. The 0.7-mile round trip trail to get to the falls is considered moderately challenging, so it’s definitely not as easy as the trails to other falls like Toketee Falls (see above section). The waterfall flows into a super beautiful pool and down into the Abiqua Creek

best places in oregon to elope
best places in oregon to elope

What to know about eloping at Abiqua Falls

  1. Dogs are welcome on the trail to Abiqua Falls as long as they’re on a leash!
  2. This is also a popular  trail, so you may run into other hikers during the warmer parts of the day when the weather is nice. 
  3. To get to the trailhead, you can park before the dirt road & walk to the trailhead, or if you have a high-clearance vehicle, you can drive the gravel road & park at a turnout just past the unofficial trailhead.
  4. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right way to go on this trail, so make sure you download the offline map from AllTrails (or just book me as your photog and I’ll lead the way 😉 )!

Wahclella Falls

How far is Wahclella Falls from Portland?

Wahclella Falls is fairly close to Portland, sitting along the Columbia River Gorge, just 40 minutes & 40 miles away from the city!

places to elope in oregon

About the landscape

Did I mention that Oregon is literally filled to the brim with gorgeous waterfalls?? Well now you know! Wahclella Falls is another beautiful waterfall that’s fairly easy to get to via a 2.4-mile round trip trail that takes you through a slot canyon. What’s unique about Wahclella Falls is that it’s two-tiered: there’s an upper AND lower falls that are both super pretty!

places to elope in oregon

What to know about eloping at Wahclella Falls

  1. It’s a fairly easy trail to complete, so it’s a great option if you have guests with you who may not be able to do more challenging hikes! 
  2. Dogs are welcome on a leash on the Wahclella Falls Trail, so bring your furry friend(s) along for sure!
  3. You’ll need to pay a $5 entrance fee or have a Northwest Forest Pass to enter the trail.
places to elope in oregon

Latourell Falls

How far is Latourell Falls from Portland?

Latourell Falls is also pretty close to Portland, only 30 miles away & typically a 35-minute drive. 

places to elope in oregon

About the landscape

I love Latourell Falls because of how EASY it is to get to & how much variety there is in the area. To get to Latourell Falls, all you have to do is park in the parking lot just off the Columbia Gorge Scenic Highway, and walk down a quick path through the trees. Then bam, you’re at the falls! Or, you can take the longer (moderately difficult) 3-mile loop trail if you want a little bit of a longer hike. Not only is the falls sooo gorgeous, flowing over basalt and surrounded by greenery, you also have access to beautiful forested areas and a little bridge that looks super cute in photos, too.

What to know about eloping at Latourell Falls

  1. Once again, dogs are welcome at Latourell Falls as long as they’re leashed!
  2. This is a highly-visited waterfall, so be prepared to see other hikers & potentially have them in the background of your elopement if you hold your ceremony at a busy time of day/busy day of the week.
best places in oregon to elope

Bridal Veil Falls

best places in oregon to elope

How far is Bridal Veil Falls from Portland?

Bridal Veil Falls is super close to Latourell Falls, so it’s just 30 miles from Portland. 

About the landscape

This is a great spot to visit if you’re already visiting Latourell Falls – you can easily hop from one waterfall to the next when you’re driving along the Gorge! Bridal Veil Falls State Park has two trails you can choose from, one 0.3-mile lower trail that takes you to the base of the waterfall, and one 0.5-mile overlook trail that takes you to some epic views of the Columbia River Gorge.

best places in oregon to elope
best places in oregon to elope

What to know about eloping at Bridal Veil Falls

  1. Leashed dogs are welcome on the trails at Bridal Veil Falls!
  2. The hike to the falls is short but fairly steep, so keep that in mind when picking your footwear & deciding if you’ll have guests come along.

Silver Falls

How far is Silver Falls from Portland?

Silver Falls is a part of Silver Falls State Park (crazy right??) and is located 55 miles south of Portland, a little over an hour drive away. 

best places in oregon to elope

About the landscape

Silver Falls State Park actually has 10 different waterfalls in it!! There are a few trail options you can choose from, the most popular ones being the full moderately-difficult 6.9-mile loop to see all 10 waterfalls. You can also take a shorter 2.8-mile loop by turning back after the Lower South Falls, or opt for a quick 0.7-mile hike by looping to the bridge at the base of South Falls. No matter which option you go for, you’ll get gorgeous forest & waterfall scenery!

best places in oregon to elope

What to know about eloping at Silver Falls

  1. Since Silver Falls is part of a state park, you’ll need to purchase a 1-day parking permit on-site or buy an annual parking permit beforehand.
  2. Make sure to research trail conditions & statuses before visiting this park, as there has been some trail damage due to 2020 wildfires recently that could affect where you want to go. You can take a look at all important notices for the park here!
  3. Unfortunately dogs aren’t allowed on the trails in Silver Falls State Park!
best places in oregon to elope

Oregon Mountain Elopement Locations

Saddle Mountain

How far is Saddle Mountain from Portland?

Saddle Mountain is on the way to Cannon Beach from Portland, 72 miles northwest & a little over a 1.5-hour drive from the city.

best places in oregon to elope

About the landscape

Saddle Mountain is the highest point in northwest Oregon and offers gorgeous panoramic views of the Oregon Coastline, and even multiple mountains in the distance! The hike to the summit is a more difficult trail as it gets pretty steep, so be prepared for that if you want to get to the summit with the best viewpoint. 

best places in oregon to elope

What to know about eloping at Saddle Mountain

  1. Unfortunately as of the time of writing this (March 2022), the Saddle Mountain Trail is closed until further notice due to a failed footbridge. Hopefully by the time you read this, it’ll be open again!
  2. Dogs are welcome in the area as long as they’re on a leash!
best places in oregon to elope

Mt. Hood

best places in oregon to elope

How far is Mt. Hood from Portland?

Mt. Hood National Forest is 62 miles east of Portland, about a 1.5-hour drive.

About the landscape

The Mt. Hood National Forest is suchhh a beautiful area of Oregon that I think is also underrated & doesn’t get the attention it deserves! It extends across more than a million acres of land filled with forests, mountains, lakes, and streams, and most obviously, Mt. Hood. There are tons of amazing hiking trails in Mt. Hood National Forest for all ages & ability levels. You can find some of the best ones here on AllTrails!

best places in oregon to elope
best places in oregon to elope

What to know about eloping at Mt. Hood

  1. Make sure you monitor alerts & notices for the area before your elopement, because unfortunately there’s been some recent damage and closures due to wildfires.
  2. Check out the conditions of the area you want to visit in the weeks & days leading up to your elopement to make sure everything is open & available for you to explore. You can see the current conditions of nearly every area in the forest here!

Mt. Hood Elopement Guide

I freaking love Mt Hood sooo much that I even created a whole guide on How to Elope at Mt Hood – check it out here if you’re interested in choosing Mt Hood for your elopement location!!

Other Oregon Elopement Locations

Columbia River Gorge

How far is the Columbia River Gorge from Portland?

It depends on what part of the Columbia River Gorge you’re visiting, but the beginning of the scenic area is just 20 minutes east of Portland, about 16 miles!

best places in oregon to elope

About the landscape

The Columbia River Gorge is one of THE most unreal, beautiful areas in the state. It’s actually the largest National Scenic Area in the country, spanning 80 miles filled to the brim with epic scenery & viewpoints, more than 90 waterfalls, gorgeous cliffs, lush greenery & forest areas, and trails galore. All you have to do to experience the amazing views is legit just drive along the Columbia Gorge Scenic Highway & pull over anywhere you want to!

best places in oregon to elope

What to know about eloping at Columbia River Gorge

  1. Certain spots along the Gorge can get suuuper crowded, because obviously everyone wants to experience the incredible scenery. If you’re eloping on the Gorge during the summer, consider eloping at sunrise, on a weekday, or finding a more secluded spot to at least have as a Plan B in case your original location is too crowded!
  2. Between May 24 & September 5 2022, you may need a timed-access permit to drive along the highway, depending on the area you’re visiting. Learn more about how to get one here!
best places in oregon to elope

Crater Lake National Park

How far is Crater Lake National Park from Portland?

Crater Lake is a bit of a trek toward the southern area of Oregon, about 4.5 hours & 246 miles away from Portland. 

About the landscape

Crater Lake is the only national park in Oregon, but does notttt disappoint. It’s the deepest lake in the whole country and provides some of the most UNREAL views of its blue water & the surrounding Cascade Mountain Range! It would be an EPIC place to elope if you’re looking for an Oregon elopement location both in the mountains & by a gorgeous body of water.

What to know about eloping at Crater Lake National Park

  1. Since it’s a national park, you’ll need to pay an entrance fee of $30/vehicle in the summer & $20/vehicle in the winter. Or you can get a $55 annual park pass if you’re planning to visit more than once throughout the year!
  2. You’ll also need a Special Use Permit to get married in Crater Lake National Park, which you can apply for here.
  3. Leashed pets are allowed along established roads, within 50 feet of paved surfaces, on parking areas, in picnic areas, & on a few designated trails. Find specific deets here!

Oregon Adventure Elopement Packages

I know the PNW like the back of my damn hand, so you bet I’ll be your right-hand-man/woman for your Oregon adventure elopement! If you’re on the hunt for a photographer that’ll be ready to adventure with you, plan with you, support you, & help bring your dream elopement experience to life, I’m your gal!

best places in oregon to elope

All of my elopement packages include edited, full resolution photos, full day coverage of your elopement, location suggestions, custom timelines, vendor reccs, & more. You can check out my PNW Adventure Elopement Package below (starting at $5500) and see if it fits what you’re looking for for your Oregon adventure elopement!! See all my packages & read more about what I offer here 🙂

Pacific Northwest Elopement Resources & Inspiration

Now that you know the BEST places to elope in Oregon, you might be ready to start planning your big day – here are some of my most helpful elopement planning resources!!

best places in oregon to elope

A Guide to Picking Your Perfect Elopement Outfits

“Is Eloping Selfish?” Hell No – Here’s Why Eloping Isn’t “Wrong!”

How to Elope on Mt. Hood

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