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Romantic Skógafoss Waterfall Elopement Inspiration

I am IN LOVE with everything about Iceland and can’t believe I haven’t shared this session yet!! I hung out with Rebekka and Steinar a while back at the ICONIC Skógafoss waterfall in the south of Iceland for a couples session and ohhh my gosh I could not wait to share. It was pouring rain for most of the session and literally made it feel like a scene out of the Notebook!! If you’re dreaming of eloping in Iceland you should def consider a Skógafoss waterfall elopement so you can get dreamy pics like this 😉

Dreamy Couples Portraits at Skógafoss Waterfall

Rebekka and Steinar met in high school and grew up together from there – HOW CUTE is that! They’re the sweetest pair and have a cute baby together, plus they’re an absolute bombshell of a couple🔥I couldn’t wait to shoot with them in Iceland, we were hoping for clear skies and sunshine buut of course it felt like I was right back home in the PNW, haha. You’ve probably seen photos of the waterfall on a sunny day and yeah, it’s gorgeous, but adventuring around the falls in the rain was totally different and JUST as magical of an experience.

First of all, Rebekka showed up in the most freaking gorgeous champagne-colored dress with loose off-the-shoulder sleeves, a soft v-neck, and a leg slit (my fave!!) – she looked FIRE. Steinar showed up and showed off too, with classy black trousers, a pale blue undershirt, and a light beige/gray-ish jacket that went PERFECTLY with Rebekka’s neutral-toned dress. I swear I love color, but there’s just something soooo dreamy about neutrals – especially on a cloudy, rainy day in front of a giant waterfall! It wasn’t quite green around the waterfall yet, either, so the brown tones just matched these two & their earth tones even more perfectly. 

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I barely had to do anything with these two other than snap the photos, they knew what to do and looked like absolute stunners every step of the way! They weren’t afraid to dance in the rain – literally, look at how ROMANTIC THOSE PHOTOS TURNED OUT. I told you this session was straight out of a cheesy romance novel. Who knew rainy clothes and wet, windblown hair could look so good?? I will never stop being obsessed with this shoot!!

Why Elope at Skógafoss Waterfall in Iceland?

Ummm you should be asking why NOT, because the main reason to elope at Skógafoss waterfall is pretty dang obvious: it’s EPIC. The waterfalls in Iceland are unparalleled and Skógafoss is definitely one of the most iconic of them all. Located on the Skógá River in the south of Iceland, this waterfall is massive (almost 200 ft tall) and you can get suuuper close to it, which makes it such a bomb spot for photos. You can walk close enough to get covered in mist, so if you’re down to get a little wet it looks sooo magical in pics!! Fun fact, it’s also located right next to a road that’s been featured in a TON of movies such as Thor and the Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

You do have to hike a bit to get to the waterfall, it’s around 2.1 miles each way which takes about 2.5 hours to complete. There’s about 1,000 ft of elevation gain so be prepared for a little bit of work, but it’s really not that difficult and every step is BEYOND worth it. You can even follow an easy trail BEHIND the waterfall, which is such an epic & unique way to experience this majestic waterfall!

If you’re eloping in Iceland, it is a MUST that you take elopement portraits at Skógafoss waterfall, or even say your vows there!! 10/10 recommend getting your dress a little dirty so that you can get close to the falls 😉 Or you can bring a separate set of outfits if you really want to! Just remember that you’ll have to hike 4 miles round trip with whatever you bring.

And in mind that because this is one of the most well-known, breathtaking spots in all of Iceland, it DOES get crowded. If you want to try and avoid crowds as much as possible, you should visit earlier in the morning or later in the evening if you can, and on a weekday.

Best time of year to elope at Skógafoss waterfall

Now what is the best time of year to elope at Skógafoss waterfall? While it is beautiful year-round, summer is usually the best time to visit since that’s when it’s warmest, and the waterfall often creates single or double rainbows on sunny days!! You’ll also have PLENTY of time to explore the area since the sun never fully sets in Iceland during the summer. But If you want to elope at Skógafoss waterfall with the least crowds, aim for April-May or September-October. 

Places in the PNW That Look Like Iceland

If you want to elope in Iceland but don’t have the budget to travel that far, or won’t be able to leave the country for your elopement? Don’t worry – the PNW has PLENTY of epic waterfalls that rival Skógafoss and actually resemble Iceland beautifully!! I put together this guide if you want to save some $ and time but still want to elope somewhere that resembles Icelandic scenery.

Iceland Elopement Photographer

Hiiiiii that’s me!! I’ll go back to Iceland anytime as long as there’s food, a bomb couple, and epic scenery 😉 Literally, if you’re feeling’ inspired by Rebekka & Steinar’s shoot at Skógafoss waterfall, just reach out to me and I’ll be ready to pack my bags to tag along to your Iceland elopement before you can even say “Skógafoss!!”

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