Lake Colchuck Elopement Photographer

Colchuck Lake elopement north cascades

Nalani and Matthew decided to elope on their favorite hike in the North Cascades, Colchuck lake. Only 8 months before, they had done this hike again for the 3rd time and Matthew had proposed while they sat on Asguard Pass and looked down at the lake. Matthew designed the ring to look like the stone was the lake that he proposed above, and his ring had a bear because that was her nickname for him. How freaking cute is thattttttt? I was obsessed with them. Not so obsessed with the fast pace that they kept for the WHOOOLE hike, but we made good time and beat the crowds so I can’t hate on them too much haha! Also Nalani lent me her hiking poles because I had forgotten mine so I’m sort of eternally grateful to her for that.

Colchuck Lake elopement north cascades
Colchuck Lake elopement north cascades

We paused at the top of this overlook to catch our breath and take in the views! I literally suggested that we stop for some photos here because I was TIRED AF at this point (5 miles in!) and really just wanted to stop for a minute! Got these cute pics though so it was a win-win!

It was just the three of us up there, so I helped Nalani into her dress and had to capture the moment!

Nalani and Matthew’s vows literally had us ALL in tears and Matthew pledged to love her forever and Nalani promised blowjobs even when all of her teeth fall out. There was literally no one but the mountain goats watching us (and a sneaky squirrel that ended up eating their cake when they weren’t looking!) and they ended their ceremony with a loud cheer that echoed across the lake.

Nalani surprised Matthew by learning their song on the Ukulele and playing it for him. Thanks Nalani, I was totally crying again while she sang the Lava song from Moana. (Just something about hearing “send me somebody to lava” just gets me. Colchuck lake was the most beautiful shade of blue today when the sun shined on it and it turned a deep blue whenever a cloud would pass and cover the sun.

We saw some hikers on the far side of the lake and I screamed as loud as I could “Hey, these guys just got married, do you guys want to sign their license?!?” and luckily they were down! They hiked like a mile back to us and even gave Nalani a trail beer to congratulate them! Sometimes finding people to sign the license as witnesses is one of the best parts of the adventure! We never know who we’re going to meet and we always end up finding the coolest people!

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