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Beachy Calla Lily Valley Elopement in Big Sur

Jill and Jess are the types of people you just know you’ll love as soon as you meet them. And wowww their Calla Lily Valley elopement in Big Sur did NOT disappoint!! They helped each other get ready in a van, exchanged vows in the valley, and went skinny dipping in the ocean afterward. It was short and sweet, no big frills or intricate setups or anything – just the two of them and their love!! Such a perfect day.

Jess + Jill’s Romantic Big Sur Elopement in Calla Lily Valley

Getting ready + writing vows in a camper van

This elopement is the perfect example of how your elopement can be so simple, without any complicated decor or adventurous activities or long hikes, and it can STILL be so special & meaningful. Jill and Jess had rings, vow books, one bouquet, and elopement outfits – and that was it. They didn’t care about having anything more than just what they needed, they simply wanted to be together and share an amazing experience in a beautiful location!!

The two of them got ready in a camper van together, just off the road at a random spot in the valley. They took a few minutes to sit down and finish writing their vows, which by the way, you can TOTALLY do on your elopement day – if you feel like you can’t really get in the right headspace to write them beforehand, you can absolutely set aside some time to write them (or finish writing them) on the day of your elopement! You’re much more likely to be feeling all the feels then, anyway. I loved that these two didn’t care about taking hours to get ready or having a perfectly-decorated room to get ready in – they just hopped out of the van and were ready to freakin go.

Gorgeous Big Sur elopement outfit inspiration

Before I show you all the gorgeousss calla lilies that were blooming during their ceremony, let’s take a moment to appreciate their outfits because ummmm they KILLED IT!! Jill and Jess wore two different outfits that paired with each other perfectly: an all-white look with a blazer, trouser, and sandals, and then a button-up white undershirt with a black vest + pants. I loved how their outfits coordinated so well and kept it simple with a classy black & white color palette, but were just different to let each of their own unique personalities shine! Ya really can’t go wrong with classy black and white pieces for your elopement, especially if you’re on the beach where the white will pop sooo well against the sand (and they matched the white calla lilies perfectly!) 🔥

A private elopement ceremony in the Calla Lily Valley

Calla Lily Valley is SUCH a hidden gem in Big Sur and I’m sooo glad Jill and Jess chose it for their elopement ceremony. The valley blooms with the most beautiful white calla lilies every year (could you have guessed?) and obviously has access to amazing coastal spots, being that it’s located right near Carmel-By-The-Sea! The calla lilies are in bloom from around January-April, so you’ve got plenty of time to explore the valley and see all the beautiful flowers if you want to get married (or just take elopement portraits) here.

ANYWAY. I’m obsessed with this spot. Once Jill and Jess wrapped up their vows we made our way to a little trail in the hills, where they said their vows amidst the calla lilies! It was so so beautiful to watch, especially because it was just the two of them without any guests – all they had around them was the bright Cali sun, the lush green hills of Big Sur blooming with the calla lilies, and the ocean. It was short, sweet, & simple!

Big Sur adventure elopement portraits on the beach

Then we haddd to take advantage of the gorgeous beaches of Big Sur, so we made our way down to the water for a ton of portraits of the newlyweds as the sun went down. Jill and Jess were the freaking CUTEST running along the beach with bare feet, in their elopement attire, all smiles and laughs!! And then my absolute favorite part of the day was when they decided to go SKINNY DIPPING to celebrate. Because why not?! They literally just stripped down on the beach, set their clothes on the rocks, and sprinted into the ocean! Such cuties, it was so fun taking photos of them just having a blast & having fun together to celebrate the big day! So glad I got to tag along and document it all!

Ultimate Big Sur Elopement Guide

So you can tell I’m obsessed with Big Sur – sooo much so that I actually put together an entire Big Sur Elopement Guide for anybody who’s considering eloping in this amazing place! Def check it out for all the deets you need to know about getting married in the area.

And if you’re not sure if you want to elope in Big Sur or not yet but you know you definitely want to elope in Cali, here are some guides for my other favorite California elopement locations!!

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