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Top 20 Best Proposal Spots in Seattle, WA

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couple kissing in front of waterfall

Sooo you’ve decided you’re going to propose – CONGRATS!! Proposing is seriously one of the most exciting steps in your life with your partner, but no matter how thrilled you are, it’s still scary & can be overwhelming to plan. Where the heck should you do it? When do you do it? How do you do it?! If you’re local to the Seattle area or want to propose to your boo during a little vacay to Seattle, I’ve gotcha covered with the top 20 best proposal spots in Seattle

Whether you wanna propose at the base of a waterfall, at a sports game while you cheer on your fave team, in the heart of the city, or from a helicopter above, Seattle has SO many amazing options for proposal locations. Plus, I’ve also included 10 fun Seattle proposal ideas to make your proposal suuuuper special + meaningful for the two of you, AND the reasons why you need to have the big moment photographed.

I hope you find the perfect spot to propose to your love on this list!!

couple sitting in front of waterfall

Top 20 Best Proposal Spots in Seattle

1. Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is probably the most obvious answer when you ask the question, “where can I propose in Seattle?” It’s one of the most iconic places in all of the Pacific Northwest, packed full of interesting little shops, yummy food stands, and the ever-famous neon “Public Market” sign out front. Pike Place Market is SUCH a fun place to propose, as long as you’re okay with crowds around you who may watch & applaud, because it’s so lively, vibrant, and iconic to Seattle!

Location: Downtown Seattle waterfront

Crowd factor: High AF

Best time to propose: On a weekday (to avoid crowds as much as possible) at night (to have the glowing lights behind you)

ring on top of rock

2. Olympic Sculpture Park

Olympic Sculpture Park is yet another uber-popular Seattle spot, with great views of the Space Needle, Puget Sound, aaand the Olympic Mountains. The park is free to visit, so no need to worry about paying an entry fee, and it’s open year-round! This is an awesome place to propose if you’re fans of art + sculptures, and/or want beautiful views behind you of the Sound. Take a little walk through the Seattle Art Museum before or after you propose to really get the full Olympic Sculpture Park experience!

Location: 2901 Western Ave

Crowd factor: Medium

Best time to propose: On a weekday (to avoid crowds) in the evening (for a beautiful sunset over Puget Sound)

3. Discovery Park

If you want to propose at a park that isn’t necessarily focused around art, and instead is famous for its gorgeousss views, you HAVE to check out Discovery Park. It encompasses over 500 acres, making it the largest city park in Seattle, which means there is a ton of area to explore. Propose in front of the adorable West Point Lighthouse, on the Magnolia Bluff overlooking views of the Cascade & Olympic Mountains, or in one of the wide-open grassy fields as the sun goes down over the Sound.

Location: 3801 Discovery Park Blvd

Crowd factor: Medium

Best time to propose: During the summer (to get clear skies + views of the mountains)

4. Kerry Park

Would you prefer views of the Seattle city skyline over views of the mountains + Puget Sound? Kerry Park is a great option that offers views of Elliott Bay & the Seattle skyline, and you can sometimes even see Mount Rainier in the distance if the sky is clear enough! It’s a very popular spot for proposals & wedding photos because of the unbeatable backdrop that looks like it came straight off a Seattle postcard. Keep in mind that this smaller park can get crowded especially on weekends, since the views are so fantastic + super easy to access.

Location: 211 W Highland Dr

Crowd factor: Medium-high

Best time to propose: On a weekday (to avoid crowds & groups taking wedding photos)

couple holding each other

5. Gas Works Park

You’ve probably seen photos of Gas Works Park before even if you don’t know it – it’s that big, public park on the north shore of Lake Union with those giant industrial structures. It used to be a coal gasification plant (whatever that means), and now it’s become pretty popular for the massive structures that sit on a huge grassy lawn, with great views of Seattle!

Location: 2101 N Northlake Way

Crowd factor: Medium-high

Best time to propose: On a weekday (to avoid crowds)

6. Kubota Garden

If you’d like to propose in a more secluded, quiet area full of gorgeous foliage and enchanting little paths, streams, waterfalls, & ponds, Kubota Garden is a lovely option. It’s a 20-acre Japanese Garden in Seattle showcasing super gorgeous Japanese garden concepts in the middle of the hustle & bustle of the city that would make for a magical place to propose!

Location: 9817 55th Ave S

Crowd factor: Low

Best time to propose: On a weekday (to avoid too many visitors) during the day (the garden closes at 8pm)

couple kissing forest

7. Seattle Great Wheel

Want a fun, postcard-esque proposal location that’ll make ya feel like you’re in a rom-com (Sleepless in Seattle, anyone?)? Propose at the Seattle Great Wheel!! You could either propose in front of it if you want the wheel spinnin’ in the background behind you, or make it uber-romantic & propose while you’re riding it. How cool would it be to  get down on one knee while you’re riding the wheel at night, with colorful light displays shining on the wheel + views of the city lights?!

Location: 1301 Alaskan Way

Crowd factor: Medium

Best time to propose: At night (to have the ferris wheel lit up + see the city lights in the background)

8. Museum of Pop Culture

Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture (the MoPOP) is a very famous spot in Seattle, showcasing iconic pieces of pop culture including TV, music, & more. The outside of the museum is unique & vibrant AF, with colorful walls, textures, and shapes that would be so cool as a backdrop to a proposal!

Location: 325 5th Ave N

Crowd factor: High

Best time to propose: On a weekday during the day (if you want to propose inside the museum, or get the coolest view of the outside of the museum in the daylight)

couple standing on trail in front of mountain

9. Franklin Falls

If you’re down to take a little road trip from Seattle and propose at a GORGEOUS waterfall in the forest, check out Franklin Falls! This lovely waterfall is located on the South fork of the Snoqualmie River, about an hour drive east of Seattle. Surrounded by bright green moss, rocky cliffs, and lush rainforest, this would make for a beautiful proposal location filled with all the classic PNW vibes. Plus you can go for a swim at the base of the waterfall if you want to cool off on a hot day!

Location: Snoqualmie Pass

Crowd factor: Medium

Best time to propose: On a weekday, early in the day (to best avoid crowds)

Want to see even more of the PNW’s most beautiful waterfalls, either for your proposal, your engagement photos, or your adventure elopement? Check out my guide to the Best Pacific Northwest Waterfall Elopement Locations!!

couple getting engaged in front of franklin falls

10. Seattle Japanese Garden

If you liked Kubota Garden then you will deffff vibe with the Seattle Japanese Garden, another – you guessed it – Japanese garden in Seattle 😉 It’s located on the southern end of the Washington Park Arboretum (which I’ll talk more about later in this blog post) and is yet another secluded garden filled with the prettiest trees, ponds, and flowers. Just make sure you visit the garden at a time when portrait photography is allowed, as it’s not allowed during regular garden hours but is sometimes allowed on weekday mornings – I’d recommend reaching out to the garden to ask for specifics!

Location: 1075 Lake Washington Blvd E

Crowd factor: Medium

Best time to propose: On a weekday morning

couple opening champagne

11. Space Needle

Of course I had to include the Space Needle on this list – would it even be Seattle without it?! The icon of Seattle is a great place to propose if you’re okay with people watching around you, and not having the most original proposal photos/experience, since many people have done it before. Take a trip to the top and get down on one knee for a super romantic moment with panoramic views of the city behind ya!

Location: 400 Broad St

Crowd factor: High

Best time to propose: On a weekday morning (to avoid crowds)

12. Seattle Heli Tours

If you want a SUPER unique and memorable proposal, you can take a helicopter tour over Seattle and propose while you’re up in the air! Book a ride through Seattle Heli Tours and get down on a knee as the two of you enjoy the aerial city views – you will never forget it.

Location: 2301 E St NE 

Crowd factor: Low

Best time to propose: Anytime

couple walking in front of mountains

13. Mount Rainier National Park

Maybe you & your love feel most at home out in the mountains, away from the fast-paced city life – if you’re down to drive a bit, take a day trip from Seattle to Mount Rainier to propose! It’s about a 2-hour drive, but that drive is sooo worth it for the phenomenal mountain views, subalpine meadows, and glorious wildflowers (in the summer).

Location: South central WA

Crowd factor:

Best time to propose: Summer (for the best weather + to see wildflowers), on a weekday in the morning/at sunrise (to avoid crowds)

To find out more about Mount Rainier NP & what it would look like to elope there after the proposal happens, check out my Ultimate Guide to Having a Mount Rainier Elopement.

14. Sky View Observatory

For those of you who aren’t afraid of heights, the Sky View Observatory & Bar is an amazing spot in downtown Seattle. You’ll enjoy stunning views of the city + mountains from the 73rd-floor observatory, plus you’ll get to enjoy the small cafe that offers light food, beer, and wine! What could be better than toasting to your love after getting engaged in front of such incredible views? For some extra magic, visit the observatory at night – the way the city lights up at night is unbeatable. 

Location: 700 4th Ave

Crowd factor: Medium

Best time to propose: At night (to see the city light up)

couple holding hands

15. T-Mobile Park

Mariners fans, this one’s for you – why not propose at a home game at T-Mobile Park? Such a fun + memorable way to get engaged while also cheering on your fave baseball team!

Pro tip – get a jersey customized with a word on the back like “wife,” “husband,” your new last name (if you’ll be sharing one), etc.! 

Location: 1250 1st Ave S

Crowd factor: High

Best time to propose: Anytime

16. Lumen Field

Aaand if you’re more of a football couple, head to Lumen Field if you wanna propose during a Seahawks game. Same jersey tip goes for this as I mentioned above!

Location: 800 Occidental Ave S

Crowd factor: High

Best time to propose: Anytime

17. Private Airbnb

If you’re a pretty private couple and you’d rather keep your proposal intimate, away from crowds or people you don’t know in a public area, rent an Airbnb for a weekend trip and surprise your partner by proposing there. Maybe you’ll feel like the right moment is when you’re laying in bed together, making breakfast together, or sitting out on the porch enjoying nature. Pull out that ring when the time feels right and have a super intimate, special proposal – bonus points if your Airbnb has a hot tub or campfire for some evening relaxation + to celebrate your engagement!

Crowd factor: None

Best time to propose: Anytime

couple getting engaged in front of an Airbnb

18. Alki Beach

Alki Beach is a great option for a proposal if you want to get down on one knee in the sand, with beautiful water views behind ya. It gets pretty crowded in the summer, so I’d recommend going super early in the morning if you go during the summer, or visiting at a different time of year entirely!

Location: Southwest of downtown

Crowd factor: Medium-high

Best time to propose: In the morning or in the spring/fall (to avoid crowds)

19. Seattle Center

If you want to be close to the Space Needle but don’t actually want to ride up to the top, Seattle Center is a great spot to consider. You’ve probably seen pics of it – it’s the big area with that giant fountain in the middle and the Space Needle right in the background. The actual center is where a lot of events are held, but outside of the center is that fountain and lots of great space to walk around or sit down for a breather as you explore the city!

Location: 305 Harrison St

Crowd factor: High

Best time to propose: On a weekday in the morning (to avoid crowds)

20. Washington Park Arboretum 

Last but not least on this list is the Washington Park Arboretum, located on the shores of Lake Washington. The foliage at this garden is stunning and it’s free to visit – take a romantic walk around the park and find a beautiful spot to stop + do the dang thing!

Location: 2300 Arboretum Dr E

Crowd factor: Medium-high

Best time to propose: On a weekday (to avoid crowds)

couple drinking champagne

10 Fun Seattle Proposal Ideas

Now that you have a whole list of places that would be great for your Seattle proposal, here are 10 fun Seattle proposal ideas that would make the big moment as special + memorable as possible!

couple kissing in front of franklin falls

1. Propose in a helicopter

2. Propose at a Mariners or Seahawks game

couple holding each other in front of mountain

3. Take a bike tour of Seattle & make a special stop for the big moment

4. Propose in front of the original Starbucks if you’re big coffee lovers

couple getting engaged in front of franklin falls

5. Have your loved ones waiting around the corner to celebrate with you

6. Propose in front of Pike Place Market at night

ring on top of plant

7. Have a fancy downtown dinner reservation ready for afterward

8. Propose at a concert by your fave artist

couple sitting on rock franklin falls

9. Stay the night in a luxury hotel or cozy Airbnb to celebrate

10. Propose while boating or kayaking on Lake Union

couple kissing franklin falls

Seattle Proposal Photographer

You’re going to put in alllll this time + effort to plan the perfect proposal – but who’s going to be there to capture it for you?! Allow me to introduce myself – I’m Bree, the top dawg Seattle proposal photographer 😉 Whether you want me to help you plan a “photoshoot” that you propose in the middle of, or you want me to hide behind a bush like a total creep to document the moment from afar, I’d love to be the one to capture your proposal for you. You can learn more about me on my website, and then reach out to me here so we can start devising a plan for your dream proposal!! Can’t wait to help ya come up with the perfect secret plan 😉

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